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Matching gifts

Do you dream of making a difference for a student in the School of the Arts? How about providing a scholarship for a deserving student? Maybe you want to create a research fund in the School of Pharmacy. No matter your dreams, you can make them come true by giving to VCU.

And do you want to double or triple your gift in support of VCU? It’s easy if your employer has a matching gifts program. Many matching gift policies include retirees, employee spouses, board members, and officers, so inquire about eligibility.

How to secure your matching gift

Does your company have a matching gift program? If so, you can double or triple your donation.

Many company policies will include retirees, employee spouses/partners, board members, and officers, so inquire about eligibility through the matching gift search.

If you have already made your gift, it might not be too late to qualify for matching dollars this year. Please send any completed matching gift form to

For questions, call (804) 828-4595 or email